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Chookiat Ott Maiwat is both a User Experience designer and a Front-end web developer.

User Experience Designer with a passion for designing beautiful and functional user experiences. Minimalist who believes that less is more. Front-end ux/ui developer who focuses on writing clean, elegant and efficient code. Love HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, CMS and a touch of jQuery.

Fully Responsive

Worked with fluid grids that allow you to create responsive designs and with complexity of developing a fluid grid it can be simplify further by using an existing CSS framework such as Bootstrap.


I'm familiar with many features of both HTML5 and CSS3 which are the next-generation web technologies taking the web development community by storm. Build future-proof websites that are faster, more powerful, and easier to maintain.

Launch Ready

Had worked as front-end .NET MVC view engine of Razor and JAVA environment along side back-end developer and are experienced with version controls. Knowledge of SDLC and up to launch date.

Recent Works


Web development and freelance


Front-end UI/Web development for BCBSKC


Front-end web/mbile development, VML agency


Front-end web development, VML agency

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As a User Experience Design Lead at a major financial firm, I work exclusively with incredibly beautiful responsive Bootstrap site for corporate and creative professionals because it works on all major web browsers, tablets and phone. You can follow me on social network below:

Our projects were Pan American and global in nature. We often incorporated extensive input from our parent organization located in Denmark. Ott worked equally well in domestic and international environments, which encompassed managing projects, working in seminars, working directly with customers and in many different cultures.

Senior Program/Project Mgr. Stephen Stevens

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